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This perhaps is the last post on this blog. Yes, we’re moving on, we’re going mainstream. And we want you to come join us at

It’s been an amazing 5 months here. We (I) learnt a lot, made mistakes and then kept scratching heads when a problem couldn’t be solved. That’s obviously because we were on our own here – no one to guide us. Now, there’s the past experience that will help us in the future and we sure want you to be there and experience it all.

There weren’t many chances for us to do reviews or that sort of stuff, but we’re doing our bit to get noticed. And it’ll be you readers who can help us, so we’re counting on you. But I got one chance though – I now write for World Of Phones.

There is one gripe though – it was us who started Appomendations, and other popular blogs picked up on it. That is not the bad part. The bad part is that people don’t come back here and recognize our efforts. Its painful sometimes. But hey!, you can do some good. Connect with us over the new site, we’re waiting for you!

The blog will still live – the same posts exist on the new site as well, but you can read them here as well. You cannot comment though.

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An Open Letter To Santa – My Wishlist!

Probably i maybe a bit late, everyone else might have already made their wishlist. But hey, it’s never too late right?! So here is my small Smartphone-ish wishlist that i’d want dear Santa to fulfill. Here you go!


Dear Santa,

This is ofcourse festive season and everyone out there has been asking something or the other to you. Now that made me think what would I ask (oh, we all believe you exist, don’t we?). While there’s been a lot on my mind of late, and I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff to just concentrate on anything else, I stumbled upon a nice article by my good friend Nitish Kumar , but I don’t want just an N900!! I want a lot more than that! I want a N8, the mighty E7, the N900 the Nexus S. Asking for too much eh? Read on why I’d want four rather than one smartphone.

Why do I want the N8?


The questions seems silly. Everyone knows what the N8 can do. But I have a reason why I want the N8 – I’m retiring my old mechanical camera and N8 is certainly a good bet considering it unites telephony and awesome digi-pic’ing. The camera that the N8 has comes with the largest sensor on a phone ever, coupled with a powerful Xenon flash. Photography couldn’t have been made easier eh? And no, I have not been fascinated by any other camera on a phone so much, ever! Throw in video-editor, HDMI recording and playback, HDMI out and hola! What more do you want? I rest the N8’s case here.

Why I want the E7?


Wondering why I want the E7 even after saying that I want N8 that can get my job done for telephony purposes? First things first, both the devices are from different series. N8 is a multimedia monster and the E7 is well ofcourse, a great device for the corporates – slick and powerful. I have been a fan of the Eseries big time. These devices may sound plain, but these are the ones that ‘just perform’. Want to click pics? They can do. Videos? Songs? Document editing/creating? They can do it all, and quite easily. And oh wait, they are super multitaskers like every other Symbian out there. True to the power of Symbian, Eseries is my choice of series among series across manufacturers. And E7 is the first in the series to come with touchscreen. Add a slideout QWERTY keyboard and Nokia, you have a customer in me already (although I don’t know if I could afford that). And given a chance to chose from the current crop, E7 would be my pick, just for the facts I’ve stated above. And oh, it does remind me of the E90, Nokia’s legendary Communicator. Nostalgia! The E7’s case shall rest here.

Why I want N900?


Geek pleasure totally. Powerful, good looks, good camera etc. I could go on and on though. Everyone knows how powerful Linux OS is and for once, just FYI, you could dual-boot N900!! That is freaking awesome. And with the advent of Meego, the experience could just get better. Many devices were launched after N900, and a whole world of Androids came and went by, but even now, N900 shines brighter than many others. Personalize till your hearts content, communicate with your Social buddies on the go, without needing a 3rd party app (yeah! To all those who love to say, ‘There’s an app for that’), N900 is what every iPhone should have been and perhaps many Symbians too. Don’t even talk about Androids for now. The only thing that may set it back could be a normob, and it’s not even meant for normobs for starters. And oh did I say you can even control your Linux-based desktop/laptop with it? You bet! For all the power it provides, it costs very little (unlike iPhone and Androids). The N900’s case shall rest here.

Why I want the Nexus S?


Oh just because I like curves! Oops. I do. But no, that’s not the only reason. The display is one hell of an attraction for sure. Other major attraction is the fact that it is from Google. And being a Google product, one can expect a great device, can’t they? Sure I do. Also, it’s got Gingerbread on it, so that’s another attraction. To be honest, the specs don’t really make it revolutionary, but it’s attractive design and speed are the ones I want. And being Google’s product, it will always be the first one to receive updates. Elitist anyone? That’s it for the Nexus S Santa.

Looking at the list above, don’t pass a judgement saying I’m biased. What one asks you can be anything. And I think I prefer functionality over eye-candy. Talking about Nexus S, I think the only reason I included it in the list is because of its looks.

There end all my fantasies for the moment and I’d be more than glad if you could/would fulfill even one! Lol! I would be rather happy if someone fulfills their promise (WomWorld/Nokia :)) too. Let the festivities start and let the world be a peaceful place to stay.

Thank You,
Rounak Jain

What are your wishes? List them down, Santa may just hear both of us!

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Appomendations #5 – Do you have these?

Symbian users can do a lot more with their smartphones, a lot more if you’d know how to. There’s a whole world of apps out there, apart from the ones in the Ovi Store. You just need to go out and figure it out for yourself. It’s like an experience in itself. Here we compile a list of apps that you may not have (or you may). Take a look, lets know how they are. We’re as eager as you are!

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Huawei launches two new Froyo-powered smartphones

Huawei, the global equipments provider has just launched two new Froyo-powered smartphones, and both toting big touchscreens and features to show ofF.

The two smartphones launched are Ideos X5 and Ideos X6, with the latter presumably having better specs. The devices were launched in Australia.


Ideos X5 –

–> 3.8” Capacitive touchscreen (LCD or LED?)

–> High Speed internet with HSDPA and HSUPA and Wi-Fi

–> 5 MP camera with LED flash

–> GPS and A-GPS, Google Applications pre-loaded

–> Froyo powered, probably will be updated to Gingerbread

Ideos X6 –

–> 4.1” Capacitive touchscreen (LCD unit)

–> High speed internet; HSDPA – upto 14.4 MBPS and Wi-FI

–> HD video recording and playback, Dolby mobile surround and HDMI out (now we’re talking!)

Detailed specs aren’t out yet, but we’ll get them as soon as possible. In the meantime, note that S7 tablet was launched as well (probably Android powered) along with E585 pocket Wi-Fi.

Going by the looks and these initial specs, we’re more than sure that these devices will be killer, but let the entire spec sheet be out, and we’ll have a verdict. Stay Hooked!

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Welcome Adam, the Tablet is finally here!


Yes, this is one thing i’ve been waiting for quite sometime now. And now that it’s been launched, i cannot just wait to get my hands on it. Yesterday, the Adam’s pre-order had begun and if you pre-ordered one, you may well have just 6 hours after the mail arrives in your mailbox. While this is justified (looking at the demand), we as bloggers are itching to get our hands on it (Notion Ink, please :)).

Now, here’s a statement from the company themselves, talking about the variants and pricing –

As promised, the first access would be given to those who had commented in this blog “ before the last post ” . To carry out this, all selected will be sent a confirmation email and pre-order link which will remain active for 6 hours from the receipt of that email (keep a tight view on your mail box including your spam filter!) Pre-booking for them will start at 10 December 00:00 AM IST. After 6 hours, it will be open to everyone (which would be 06:00 AM IST)! Let ’ s take a look at the image on the left.

You know we have 6 variants : LCD (wi-fi only), LCD + 3G -900 series, LCD + 3G -850 series, Transflective (Wi-Fi only), Transflective + 3G -900 series, Transflective + 3G -850 series.

Earlier we told you that the first version will start at $399. But now the LCD Wi-Fi version will start at $375.33 and 3G version at $425.33 (for limited period?). Transflective version (Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variants at $549.99 (2 variants in 3G, 900 series and 850 series which takes the variant numbers to 6!). (For specifications please see our website).

Perhaps, the company has done our work a lot easier, laying down all the important aspects in a detailed manner. Thank you, Notion! The Adam (first Android Tablet to come with Gingerbread and the Honeycomb update will be pushed immediately, the company says) comes with a custom UI, called Eden (Nostalgia, anyone?) that’s being touted as ‘Closer to Honeycomb than Gingerbread’. Well, we believe it is. Here’s a look at what Honeycomb will bring in and whether Adam has it or not.

What Honeycomb will bring –

–> Better OpenGL ES, OpenSL ES support.


–> Multi-touch Keyboard

–> Better Copy, paste features

–> Kernel Upgraded to 2.6.35

–> Better View Support

–> Better Memory Management.

What the Adam already has –

All of the above!! Well, that’s what it is, at the moment.



– Tab within Tab view – one of the keyboards

On the contrary, it doesn’t come with a NFC sensor, but it’s successor (already?!) Eve will come with one. However, there’s a Digitizer with which you can use the Tablet itself as an additional screen with your PC!! OMG, what have you done to tablets, Rohan!!

Some great stuff this, we hope to get one for review, ofcourse just for you, our beloved readers! Stay Hooked!

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Chrome to phone updated, How-to here


A popular utility among the Androiders, Chrome-to-phone has received an update that adds History tab to list all the links you’ve visited.

In case you don’t know what it is, Chrome-to-phone is a add-on for your Chrome browser that sends pages directly to your Froyo-enabled device. Pretty nifty it is, the update fixes some bugs and adds History tab (finally!).

How to use Chrome-to-phone?
–> Download Chrome-to-phone add on for your Chrome browser here

–> Download Chrome-to-phone app for your Android here

–> Install and register both.

Now, whenever you want to send a page to your phone, just click on the extension in your browser and Voila!

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Nokia X7-00 in the Leaks


What is the mobilesphere like these days? Rumours, rumours and more rumours. In the latest one, this time about Nokia, someone has posted few pictures of the X7-00. Howard forums leaked it first. It still seems to be a prototype (though nothing like that is written), or a Beta Test device. Featuring an AT&T; logo, it’s pretty obvious that people in the US are going to get it, but it’s going to come to the rest of the world subsequently.

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Revealed: Motopad and Honeycomb!


At the ‘D: Dive into Mobile’ conference, Andy Rubin enlightened the world about not only about Google Maps, Nexus S and Gingerbread, but he even teased the long-rumoured Motopad. Featuring a video-calling camera, a NVIDIA processor with a Dual Core 3D processor to assist by it’s side, the Motopad looks one behemoth, in sheer power terms already. However it is to be seen if further revelations help it or not.

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